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I want to support you in creating spaces where people can come together to share meaningful & transformative experiences.

The world needs spaces for people to come together; to feel safe, seen, heard and inspired. Spaces where we can express ourselves freely, to remember what it feels like to be truly alive. Spaces where we can drop our armor and connect with others openly from our hearts, where we can feel a real sense of community.

Let me support you in creating those spaces.

For the past decade, I've devoted myself to bringing people together and have produced over 1,000 transformational gatherings. From Ecstatic Dance events, to retreats and mini-festivals celebrating the sacred arts, to group tours around the world exploring devotional music & dance traditions - the environment might change but the core of what I offer remains: creating safe & inspiring spaces for people's souls to shine.

Now my calling is to empower leaders and facilitators who want to bring people together to create similar kinds of spaces, but with their own unique flavor.

Whether you want to start your own Ecstatic Dance or other expressive arts offering, or if you want to start a festival in your local community, I'll share the learnings & wisdom that I've collected over this past decade with you and support you in bringing your vision to life.

From the subtleties of creating/holding a sacred container, to the nuts and bolts of event production + marketing strategies and financial planning needed in order to create sustainable gatherings, I help people who want to facilitate transformational experiences get their offering off the ground.

*blurb on overcoming resistance*




Virtual & In Person Group Course

Starting February 2024


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